Learn About Earring Backs

Earring backs have a functional, as well as an ornamental, purpose. Most customers may not be aware that earrings have different backs and that the back type helps determine the earrings' style and design. The earrings' back will determine whether the earrings are studs, set closely to the wearer's earlobe, or dangles, cascading off of the wearer's lobe. Earring backs also add diversity to a pair of earrings, transforming classic earring designs into more modern, contemporary earring styles.

Popular Earring Backs

Earrings are fitted with a number of back types from popular safety backs to the contemporary push back. The three most popular earring backs include push backs, screw backs and safety backs.

Push Backs
Also called the butterfly back, the push back is the most common earring back type used in stud earrings. Push backs feature a single ear nut which is pushed back onto the earring’s post and held securely in place by tiny grooves etched into the post. The push back is easy to use and is favored by customers who are looking for durable studs fitted with a secure back.
Screw Backs

Screw backs are common in both stud earrings and in dangle earrings. This particular earring back is fitted with a tiny screw which is screwed down a threaded post and into the earrings back in order to secure the earrings to the wearer’s lobe. Screw backs were made popular back in the 1950’s and are famous for their vintage, or antique, aesthetics. Screw back earrings are favored for their durability and their unique appearance.
Safety Backs

Also termed Protektor™ or Alpa Nut™ earring backs, safety backs are known for their ability to secure even the most heavy weighing, large-scale earrings. Safety backs feature a positive-locking clutch designed to grip the earring post, thus holding the earring securely in place. The back is spring loaded, fitted with two tabs on both of its sides that are designed to allow for a quick release. The safety back is deemed one of the most secure earring backs and is perfect for any and every earring style or design.
Friction Backs

Friction backs feature two notches on the earrings’ posts. The earrings’ clasps are pushed onto the post and are held in place by the friction exerted on them by the grooved notches. Friction backs are perhaps the most common to be used in stud earrings and are favored for their durability and for how easy they are to use.
Hook Backs

Hook, or fishhook, earring backs receive their name from the hooked post which is threaded into the wearer’s earlobe. Hook earrings are common in dangling earrings and are popular with customers who are looking for a simple, sophisticated earring back for their dangles.

Leverbacks possess a tiny lever which opens and closes onto the end of the earrings’ posts, thus securing the earrings in place. Leverbacks are more common in dangling earrings and are popular for their unique, elegant aesthetics.
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