Gemstone Occasions

Gemstones have been used for centuries to represent various occasions. The birthstone chart was standardized by the American National Association of Jewellers in 1912. Birthstone charts closely resemble the zodiac gemstone charts; however they aren't identical. The special and unique qualities of these gemstones are believed to correlate with the special and unique qualities of each zodiac sign.

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Birthstone Chart  

Month Birthstone
  January Garnet  
  February Amethyst  
  March Aquamarine  
  April Diamond  
  May Emerald  
  June Pearl  
  July Ruby  
  August Peridot  
  September Sapphire  
  October Opal  
  November Topaz  
  December Turquoise  

Zodiac Chart

Zodiac Sign Birthstone
  Capricorn Onyx  
  Aquarius Turquoise  
  Pisces Moonstone  
  Aries Diamond  
  Taurus Emerald  
  Gemini Agate  
  Cancer Pearl  
  Leo Ruby  
  Virgo Sapphire  
  Libra Opal  
  Scorpio Sardonyx  
  Sagittarius Topaz  

Gemstones have also been used to represent and commemorate significant anniversaries. traditionally these gemstones represent wedding anniversaries; however, they can also pertain to more casual anniversaries. Exchanging gemstone jewellery or gemstone imbedded items can be a meaningful and enduring way to memorialise any anniversary.

 Anniversary Gemstones

Year Gemstone Year Gemstone Year Gemstone
  1 Gold 9 Lapis Lazuli 25 Silver Jubilee  
  2 Garnet 10 Diamond 30 Pearl Jubilee  
  3 Pearl 11 Turquoise 35 Emerald  
  4 Blue Topaz 12 Jade 40 Ruby  
  5 Sapphire 13 Citrine 45 Sapphire  
  6 Amethyst 14 Opal 50 Golden Jubilee  
  7 Onyx 15 Ruby 55 Alexandrite  
  8 Tourmaline 20 Emerald 60 Diamond Jubilee  

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