Pearl Care Guide

Pearls are considered to be the most beautiful of all organic gems. Quality pearls can be quite durable, but are far more delicate than any other gemstone or metal: they are softer and more vulnerable to cracking, scratching and dulling.  Oils, lotions, powders, dust and sweat can dim the shine of a lustrous pearl.  To ensure that your pearls endure and remain glowingly beautiful, it's important to treat them with care.

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Tips: How To Care For Your Pearl Jewellery


Avoid exposing your pearls to materials or substances that may damage them, including vinegar, chlorine, ammonia, hairspray, or cosmetics.  Apply all cosmetics before putting on your pearl jewellery. After wearing your pearl jewellery, wipe it with a warm, soft, damp cloth to remove any oils or dirt before putting it away.

Pearl jewellery should also be washed periodically with a mild solution of soap and warm water.  Always use a soft, clean, damp cloth to wash and dry your pearls. You may wipe your pearls with acetone polish remover if they are particularly dirty, but remember never expose pearls to ammonia, vinegar or detergent!

To keep a pearl necklace strong, re-string your pearls periodically. If you wear your pearls often, restring them annually. Bring your pearls to a professional jeweller and ask to have the strand knotted between each pearl. This will prevent them from rubbing against one another or slipping. With especially small pearls this may not be possible, but always consult with your jeweller.

Be sure to store your pearls safely. To avoid scratches or further damage, wrap your pearls in a soft cloth before placing them in your jewellery box. Otherwise, store them in an individual, soft-lined pouch, box or protective container.

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