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At Zoara we take educating our valued customers seriously. We are proud to offer an extensive library of guidance and education about everything from diamond cuts and pearl types to ring sizes and precious metals. Let Zoara help you make a well-informed decision about your next jewellery purchase.

Diamond Learning Centre

From the essential Four Cs and diamond shapes to conflict diamonds and diamond certification.

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Pearl Learning

Get acquainted with the different types of pearl families, their basic qualities and pearl care essentials.

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Gemstone Learning Centre

All of your gemstone questions answered in our thorough information-packed guide.

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Ring Size Guide

Let Zoara guide you through the fundamentals of ring sizing with our informative and organized Australian Ring Size guide.


Proposal Tips & Stories

Read some adventurous or culinary-inspired proposals, gather ideas for yourself, or contribute your own story.


Learning Centre

Our utmost priority at Zoara is to provide our customers with all the necessary guidance and information in order to enable them to make well-informed jewelry and Diamond decisions.

We believe that in order to make Jewelry and diamonds available to every consumer, specially Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings it is our duty to present all of our customers with a unique educational portal. For this reason, we make a point of providing a thorough and detailed library of jewelry tutorials, gemstone guides and diamond tools that are comprehensive and user-friendly.

Not everyone is a diamond or jewelry professional, and with our unique diamond color, diamond clarity, and diamond carat weight tools, not everyone needs to be. The 4 Cs, Diamond Certification and Diamond Grading Report are right here at your finger tips.

Explore the difference between a GIA diamond grading report and an EGL diamond grading report. Discover the various diamond shapes from emerald to oval, from princess to the classic round brilliant.

If you are looking to figure out the difference between a bead setting and a prong setting or pave and bezel, don’t look any further than our Ring Setting Guide. Familiarize yourself with different jewelry styles, designs and settings before you make the purchase. And if you want to understand the differences between the various Precious Metals, you’ll find the information right here. Our Learning Center covers everything from Pearl Characteristics to Gemstone Enhancements , from jewelry history to Jewelry Care.

Of course, we welcome you to Contact Us should you have any other head-scratching questions about anything diamond or jewelry related. Our Customer Support Team will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Feel free to contact our support team via live chat or via e-mail at support@zoara.com.